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Business Plan

• Workshop for Small and Startup Companies

Strategic Business Plan

• Workshops for Medium to Long-Term Planning within Larger Organizations!

IP (patent) Plan

• Workshop for the Commercialization of Patent Assets

Strategic Information
Systems Plan

• Workshop on Strategic Information Systems Plan

• Project Management Workshop


Project Management Workshop

Before we formalize the agenda of a Project Management Workshop, we try to understand how projects work within the organization. How are today's projects linked with the overall IS plan that will match with the business objectives throughout the organization?

Every workshop we facilitate is completely customized for the organization, starting with a project portfolio assessment in order to identify critical performance issues. Then a high-level GAP analysis and possibly root cause analysis can be applied to mission critical projects. This is an effort to start small, get results and expand as necessary.

The workshop results will identify the strengths and weaknesses of the project process within the organization and identifies key best practices in order to Measure, Maximize and Manage all projects in the future.

Standard Project Management Workshop Outline:

I. Why Projects Fail?
    Poor Requirements
    Lack of Project Sponsor
    Lack of Project Scope
    Little or No Change Management
    Incorrect Resources
    Minimal Customer Involvement
    Unrealistic Customer Expectations

II. Why Projects Succeed?
    Project Defined
    Requirements Documented
    Project Sponsored
    Scope and Changes Managed
    Project Implemented
    Commitments Achieved

III. Project Methodology
    Project Initiation
    Requirements and Analysis
    Design (Logical and Physical)
    Integration and Test
    Installation and Deployment
    Post Implementation Review

IV. Project Initiation
    Project Charter
    Project Scope
    Project Commitments
    Project Team
    Work Breakdown Structure
    List Issues and Assumptions

V. Project Execution
    Requirements and Analysis
    Design (Logical and Physical)
    Integration and Test
    Installation and Deployment

VI. Project Conclusion
    Post Implementation Review
    Administrative Closure

Workshop Outputs:

  • High-level Project Management Assessment.
  • List of critical project management issues specific to the organization.
  • Recommendations for adopting best practices identified.
  • Go-forward strategy to Measure, Maximize and Manage.

Duration and Location:

The Project Management Workshop will usually be a half-day or 2 half-day sessions. Longer workshops on project management activities are often scheduled as a result of the initial workshop. Depending on the personnel attending the workshop (cross-functional or mainly IT professionals) will influence the nature of longer workshops.


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