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Intellectual Property (IP) Value Realization

IP-driven companies thoroughly and vigorously develop a Technology Value Realization (IP Commercialization) process to a level of sophistication such that they can predict with a reasonably high degree of accuracy the market success for their emerging technologies. This process links the stages of moving a technology with product potential to patent procurement/ management. In the four phases of technology commercialization, there are parallel patent value realization activities.

Bringing Patent Protected Technology to Market
The process begins in the Research & Development (R&D) labs where technology with product potential is identified. It is at this early point that the linkage with the patent process is formed.
Commercialization Process Patent Process
  I. Technology Analysis Process   I. Patent Search
  • Starts with an analysis of the technology followed by the development of a draft Technical Product Description
  • Patent searches are done for prior art
  • Provisional patents may be filed
  II. Market Opportunity Identification   II. Patent Application
  • Market opportunity identification
  • Competitive analysis
  • Draft Business Case
  • Final Technical Product Description
  • Initial patent value determination is made
  • Patent application is registered with the Patent and Trademark offices of the US (and other countries) for value added features
  • Patent Issued (or rejected)
  III. Market Actualization Planning   III. Patent Profit Planning
  • Most effective method(s) for value realization/commercialization are determined
  • Develop licensing strategies and Patent Licensing Agreements (PLAs)
  IV. Implementation   IV. Patent Management
  • Commercialization and appoint of a Product Manager (or market manager) to transition the technology into implementation and bring it to market
  • Associated patent(s) are then moved into Patent Management

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