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Strategic Information Systems Planning
To align the organization's information systems with the corporate mission.

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Marketing Plan

A Marketing Plan is the central component of a business plan. For a business plan, a division plan or a Line-of-Business Plan the marketing plan is a description of the sales process and all the components necessary to market, advertise, and support the entire sales channel. Some organizations develop a marketing plan for each line of business or each major product category. It is common for an organization to have a strategic marketing plan within their business plan and more detailed marketing (or product) plans for each major product or server.

A Marketing Plan is developed on two levels: strategic and tactical. The strategic portion develops broad strategies such as brand positioning, market entry, market expansion, sales strategy, advertising and product positioning. The tactical portion of the plan deals with pricing, distribution, segment-specific target marketing, service and support. The marketing plan will also contain some operational considerations such as staffing and suggestions for advertising/promotional campaigns.

A marketing plan will estimate the unit profitability, break-even points, sales volume and product profits. In order to successfully implement a good marketing plan the advertising and promotional funding must be budgeted and the projected return on advertising investment (Marketing ROI) must be achieved.

SBP has extensive, successful experience at assisting organizations develop and excellent Marketing Plan that has excellent support and can be readily executed.

Global Expansion and Planning

SBP has seasoned business professionals with international experience who have been on the front line and have experienced all of the opportunities and pitfalls involved in global ventures. These professionals take the same planning tools that have been applied to the company's domestic planning and expands them for international use. SBP can customize domestic plans to include the special considerations of international business. Besides producing global versions of the Strategic Plans, Business Plans, SIS Plans and IP Plans, SBP can assist with developing Global Marketing Plans and Import/Export Feasibility Studies.

It is the desire of Strategic Business Planning Company to provide international clients with the tools to reach their maximum international potential and to identify how to best structure for global participation.

International Associates, in addition to their multinational focus, offer multi-disciplined technical expertise in:

  • Comprehensive business evaluations and strategic assessments.
  • Strategic planning and international market share strategies: Region and country-specific plans
  • Export Feasibility (from US) Analysis.
  • Import Feasibility (into US) Analysis.
  • Financial & legal structures consistent with host country regulations.
  • Marketing agreements and market-specific advertising and distribution programs.
  • Human resources planning and cross-cultural management systems.
  • Global Intellectual Property Protection.
  • State of the art information systems.
  • Global Purchasing Channel Development

The world is fast becoming a global business arena, even for smaller companies. Ignore competition from other countries, and you might be bested by it when it reaches critical mass. Even if it requires forming strategic alliance partners, it may be prudent to attack potential markets sooner, not later.

Any company that "lights up" an Internet web site is instantly a global organization. The traffic to the site that has global interest should be served directly or via affiliate partners. The visitors who cannot be currently helped should be directed to information and solutions so that they have a positive experience and are more likely to return. Consequently, Internet activity and e-business tends to have at least some components of international business. Web sites, programs, content and documentation must be designed for multilingual, multi-cultural access, even if they are not initially developed for a global audience.

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