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Business Planning
A Business Plan is Critical to a Startup Company's Success!

Strategic Business Planning
Critical for Medium to Long-Term Planning!

IP (patent) Plan
Bringing Intellectual Property to Commercial Success!

Strategic Information Systems Planning
To align the organization's information systems with the corporate mission.

Intellectual Property for...


Small Businesses

Large/High-Tech Companies

IP for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

SBP enjoys working with smaller and medium-sized businesses because they frequently are just beginning to utilize IP protection, branding and other techniques for differentiating themselves from their competition.

COMPASS provides the tools to set the best IP direction for small- and mid-sized businesses:

  • Strategic Planning Workshop to formulate strategic plans for business direction and product mix
  • Patent to Product process management
  • Market Assessment to determine market direction and strength
  • Marketing Plan for products based on patent technology

...And SBP can help assess the best ways to commercialize patents for each market segment and technology:

  • Produce in a product
  • Joint Venture
  • Technology Transfer
  • License
  • Sell the Patent

SBP can assist Product Managers (and Patent Attorneys) at multiple points:

  • After the provisional patent is filed (to focus the claims)
  • At the "markup" point (to align claims with market needs)
  • Market Assessment prior to Product Management takeover (for Market Assessment)
  • Prior to Market Entry (to conduct Market Research)
  • During the product life cycle (to gain Competitive Intelligence)

...In order to bring you these benefits:

  • Protected, sustained revenues
  • "Getting it right the first time"
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Competitors forced to "design around" or License!

Patent Value Optimization belongs in your Corporate Strategy!
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