Business Planning
A Business Plan is Critical to a Startup Company's Success!

Strategic Business Planning
Critical for Medium to Long-Term Planning!

IP (patent) Plan Bringing Intellectual Property to Commercial Success!
Perpetual Innovation(tm) Books
Guide 4.0 to Strategic Planning + Patent Commercialization
Patent Primer 4.0
Patent Primer 4.0e (Kindle Ed)

IntellZine (blog)

Strategic Information Systems Planning
To align the organization's information systems (IT) to the corporate mission.

Scenario/Delphi Planning
Scenarios offer flexibility (using Delphi Method) (blog).

Sustainability eZine
Sustainability innitiatives (blog).

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Strategic Business Planning Company

The mission of the Strategic Business Planning Co. is to help organizations define their mission and achieve their objectives by developing business and strategic plans and by periodically conducting a comprehensive review of the environment in which they operate.

Executives and Business Analysts of the Strategic Business Planning Co. have founded/operated and consulted for businesses in such industries as: Internet, Central Services, Supply Chain, Logistics, Business Consulting, Telecommunications, Systems Analysis & Design, Import/Export and Health Care.

We have diverse educational backgrounds including doctorate and masters degrees and the experience to bring the abstracts of a business concept together into a winning business plan.

Strategic Business Planning Co.

Main Telephone: (954) 704-9100
Toll-free in USA: (888) 704-9100

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